Thursday, January 7, 2010

Podcast - new year, new ideas

Just a short podcast about a few of my plans for the new year: thinking sketching, printmaking and overseas exhibitions.
Duration: 6min34sec, 6Mb

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Blast from the past... the podcast vault!

I can't believe I hadn't actually posted this since migrating to the new blog system. So to start the new year off right, and for those who haven't heard the old podcast episodes here is a list of the historic podcasts from StudioWave's beginning. Enjoy!

(All titles link to MP3 files:)

Day Off (& Structure) - what is a 'day off' for an artist? December 2008
Deadlines - getting ready for the autumn art fairs October 2008
Excess Energy - starting a new set of work October 2008
On the Bike - live from the Yorkshire coast! September 2008
Summer Begins - onto the work roundabout July 2008
Starting - how I approach a blank canvas June 2008
Words Words Words - writing and speaking about visual art June 2008
Sketching and Drawing - insight into my sketchbook and ideas May 2008
Getting Ready for a Coast Cycle! - prep for cycling the Isle of Wight May 2008
Painting Stories - stories behind the coast paintings May 2008
Filling the Creative Well - getting re-inspired April 2008
Varnishing Day - finishing and varnishing paintings April 2008
Let's Go to the Fair! - advice for artists about art fairs April 2008
Blurbs - review of my new books April 2008
Welcome to the studio - my first ever podcast March 2008

Some of these podcasts have relevent images that can still be found at if you want to follow along. That hosting still stands but the account is closed so I can no longer update or add to the files.
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