Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fresh Start Week! - live from the coast

Around the same time I'm putting the finishing touches on paintings I get the urge to start the next set.

At least a week of choosing a coastline and plotting my route comes next. Complete with booking B&Bs at appropriate mileage intervals.

So while finishing the Splash paintings I went out and cycled part of the Essex coast.

Along the way I recorded a podcast about how I "see" things - a question from one of my collectors in the USA.

YES! The podcast is back! Hoorah!
The mp3 for this episode is here: (click the button or text to listen or download)
Duration: 8min 30 seconds, approx. 8Mb download

(You can read the rest of this week's blogs, a series about "Fresh Starts" with paintings, at my main blog:

I do appreciate any feedback about this link since I'm no longer using special podcast hosting, so using my account is a trial system. Let me know if you have any problems or issues! Also, if any experts know how I can still submit to iTunes (which Libsyn used to do for me automatically) please do let me know.

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