Tuesday, February 23, 2010

About the darkness

This month I ramble about the background of the black paintings and storm ideas - what led to the Black Paintings that will be in the "Dark" solo exhibition at McPherson Gallery in late March.

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Duration: 8min11sec, 7.M5b

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Podcast - new year, new ideas

Just a short podcast about a few of my plans for the new year: thinking sketching, printmaking and overseas exhibitions.

Duration: 6min34sec, 6Mb

You can subscribe at studiowaves.blogspot.com or through iTunes at tinyurl.com/studiowaves

Monday, January 4, 2010

Blast from the past... the podcast vault!

I can't believe I hadn't actually posted this since migrating to the new blog system. So to start the new year off right, and for those who haven't heard the old podcast episodes here is a list of the historic podcasts from StudioWave's beginning. Enjoy!

(All titles link to MP3 files:)

Day Off (& Structure) - what is a 'day off' for an artist? December 2008
Deadlines - getting ready for the autumn art fairs October 2008
Excess Energy - starting a new set of work October 2008
On the Bike - live from the Yorkshire coast! September 2008
Summer Begins - onto the work roundabout July 2008
Starting - how I approach a blank canvas June 2008
Words Words Words - writing and speaking about visual art June 2008
Sketching and Drawing - insight into my sketchbook and ideas May 2008
Getting Ready for a Coast Cycle! - prep for cycling the Isle of Wight May 2008
Painting Stories - stories behind the coast paintings May 2008
Filling the Creative Well - getting re-inspired April 2008
Varnishing Day - finishing and varnishing paintings April 2008
Let's Go to the Fair! - advice for artists about art fairs April 2008
Blurbs - review of my new books April 2008
Welcome to the studio - my first ever podcast March 2008

Some of these podcasts have relevent images that can still be found at http://studiowaves.libsyn.com if you want to follow along. That hosting still stands but the account is closed so I can no longer update or add to the files.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

3 Shows


Duration: 10min 55 seconds, approx. 10Mb

This month I podcasted live while visiting 3 exhibitions in London: Miroslaw Balka's new installation in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, Estelle Thompson at Purdy Hicks, and Turner and the Masters at Tate Britain. A cross-London tour! You can hear what I see and how these 3 shows might influence me and my paintings.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fresh Start Week! - live from the coast

Around the same time I'm putting the finishing touches on paintings I get the urge to start the next set.

At least a week of choosing a coastline and plotting my route comes next. Complete with booking B&Bs at appropriate mileage intervals.

So while finishing the Splash paintings I went out and cycled part of the Essex coast.

Along the way I recorded a podcast about how I "see" things - a question from one of my collectors in the USA.

YES! The podcast is back! Hoorah!
The mp3 for this episode is here: (click the button or text to listen or download)

Duration: 8min 30 seconds, approx. 8Mb download

(You can read the rest of this week's blogs, a series about "Fresh Starts" with paintings, at my main blog: tina-m.blogspot.com)

I do appreciate any feedback about this link since I'm no longer using special podcast hosting, so using my me.com account is a trial system. Let me know if you have any problems or issues! Also, if any experts know how I can still submit to iTunes (which Libsyn used to do for me automatically) please do let me know.

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